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With the development of the 4G and 5G eras, there are tens of millions of telecom base stations in the world. The EnergyPack offers affordable energy storage systems and also features unit-level remote 24/7 monitoring that provides system optimization, early problem detection and diagnostics to keep your telecom site running smoothly.



Most countries still do not have complete 4G/5G construction, and there is a stable and large demand every year.


Greatly extend the maintenance cycle and equipment running time.




Extended maintenance cycle

The maintenance cycle is greatly extended, and it is no longer necessary to frequently go to the base station in the suburbs for equipment maintenance, which reduces labor costs and fuel costs. At the same time, clean energy also helps to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

Modular design

The on-site installation features a modular design that scales solar and wind energy solutions, providing a high-performance and cost-effective energy storage unit with low theft value.


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