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The Importance Of Electricity

The Importance Of Electricity

The Importance Of Electricity


Electricity is the greatest invention after the steam age, and the discovery and widespread

use of electricity is the result of the second scientific and technological revolution, and it is

also the capital of the third scientific and technological revolution. Its discovery has brought

many conveniences to human life, and can also bring great benefits to the country, if there is

no electricity in the world, everything in the world will spend every night in darkness.





Electricity is a natural phenomenon, referring to the phenomenon brought about by the

movement of electric charges, and lightning in nature is a phenomenon of electricity, a

property of the repulsion and attraction between subatomic particles such as electrons and

protons. It is one of the four fundamental interactions in nature, and there are two

phenomena of electron motion: we say atoms that lack electrons are positively charged, and

atoms with extra electrons are negatively charged.





The impact of electricity on human life has two aspects: the acquisition, transformation and

transmission of energy, and the basis of electronic information technology. The discovery of

electricity can be said to be a revolution in human history, and the kinetic energy generated

by it is continuously released every day, and people's demand for electricity is exaggerated

to say that its role is no less than that of oxygen in the human world. This article summarizes

the importance of electricity into the following four points:

First, it facilitates people's lives. People's clothing, food, housing and transportation are

inseparable from electricity, such as: cooking with rice cookers, electric kettles to boil water,

air conditioners, trams, etc., all electrical appliances need electricity.





Second, it led to invention. For example, the invention and widespread use of the electric motor

has greatly improved the level of productivity, it is highly efficient and easy to use.

Third point. Accelerate the dissemination of information. The use of electronic products such as

mobile phones and computers can make information more accurate and quickly transmitted

to every corner of the world.





Fourth, it plays a decisive role in the development of a country and society. It guarantees industrial

and agricultural production and military and national defense, and plays an irreplaceable role

in ensuring people's livelihood. Electricity is the most basic energy source, not only people's

lives need electricity, enterprise production needs electricity, the progress of the entire human

society needs electricity.

Today, with the rapid development of the global economy, our entire life, production and even

society will enter a new era of electrification. The following is an excellent energy storage

product recommended by the editor:

iGo3600 outdoor portable power station

Dedicated to a whole new level of outdoor power, it's small and lightweight, easy to carry and

easy for one person to handle. In addition, "large capacity" is another major feature, it can

even meet: TV12 hours, electric oven 3.6 hours, rice cooker 7.2 hours, soy milk machine 20

hours and so on.




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