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Three Areas Of Application For Energy Storage

Three Areas Of Application For Energy Storage

Three Areas Of Application For Energy Storage



Power Generation Side

Energy storage on the power generation side refers to the electrical energy storage built in the power generation gateways of thermal power plants, wind farms and photovoltaic power plants, or the electrical energy storage built in the power generation gateways of collection centres. The use of energy storage on the power generation side of a thermal power plant can greatly improve the efficiency of the plant and has a very positive effect on supporting dynamic operation. This can ensure the quality and efficiency of dynamic operation and suspend the use of new units or even replace new units. In addition, the genset can timely charge the energy storage system during power consumption, improve the efficiency of load discharge during peak power consumption, and discharge the load at a higher speed to promote the safe and stable operation of the power grid.


In new power generation facilities such as wind and photovoltaic plants, energy storage can not only ensure the stability and continuity of new power generation, but also improve the flexibility of the power grid and the ability to absorb new power locally. In wind farms, energy storage can effectively improve the ability to regulate wind power and ensure consistent wind power output. Energy storage in a centralized grid-connected photovoltaic power plant can increase the effectiveness of peak power regulation and also improve the quality of electric power, making it less susceptible to abnormal problems during power grid operation.




Grid Side

Energy storage connected to the power grid can play a variety of value roles, and the time scales of different types of energy storage are different, and it can be coordinated with traditional power grid construction, power supply construction, and emerging source-grid-load interactive systems, power converters and other power grid adjustment technologies. optimization.


With the large-scale development of new energy, the continuous deepening of energy transformation, and the continuous maturity of energy storage technology, energy storage will be deeply integrated with the power system in the future, and will show a coordinated development trend with various power sources and power flows in the system in terms of scale and layout. It is required to start from the overall development of energy and power, take grid-side energy storage as an optional solution, coordinate energy storage planning, construction and operation, optimize the overall operation efficiency of the power system, ensure system operation safety and power supply reliability, and improve the flexibility of the power grid. Add functions such as peak shaving, frequency modulation, and black start to improve system economy.


Four main scenarios of grid-side energy storage layout:
1. Key grid nodes where load-intensive access, large-scale new energy collection, large-capacity DC feed-in, peak-shaving and frequency-regulation difficulties, and voltage support capacity are insufficient.
2. In areas where resources are tight in station corridors.
3. In areas with weak power grids, such as the end of the power grid in remote areas with insufficient power supply capacity or areas not covered by the power grid.
4. As an emergency backup power supply for important power users, such as governments, hospitals, data centers, etc. The rational layout of new energy storage facilities on the grid side will improve the safe and stable operation level of the large grid, the ability to guarantee supply, and emergency response capabilities, reduce transmission line congestion, and delay investment in transmission and distribution facilities.




User Side

Industry and commerce use user-side energy storage projects to store electricity in off-peak hours and use it in peak hours to reduce electricity costs. In particular, if the electric vehicle charging station is matched with the energy storage system, it can take advantage of the peak-valley electricity price difference arbitrage. The world's leading charging operators Eaton, ABB, Star Charge, etc. have launched pilot programs to verify the energy storage charging station or solar energy. + Feasibility and synergies of energy storage charging stations.


The application scenarios of user-side energy storage are very extensive, and more and more power stations will be built and put into operation in the future. On the one hand, energy storage power stations help improve residents' lives and provide business value; on the other hand, they also contribute to the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, green and low carbon.


Foxtheon has been researching and developing the field of energy storage for many years, with the aim of providing users with stable and reliable power supply, and providing a complete package of power supply solutions according to users' actual power consumption needs, in order to meet users' differentiated power consumption needs. If you need any assistance, please feel free to email info@foxtheon.com. Our staff will contact you in time.


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