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Why Norway Has Been Dubbed The "Greenest Country"

Why Norway Has Been Dubbed The "Greenest Country"

Why Norway Has Been Dubbed The "Greenest Country"


Norway is known as "the greenest environmental country." Although Norway has a long winter and constant snowfall, and even in spring flowers rarely bloom, Norway is not affected by this in the spring, almost everywhere is green. When it comes to the beauty of Norwegian spring, even the BBC reporter who is always in a hurry has to say something: "Living in this green country is a kind of happiness."



In the traditional sense, Norway is an export-oriented country where 99% of its energy comes from the sea. Now, in order to maintain its "greenest" status, it has actually "self-abandoned martial arts" to reduce oil extraction and instead develop electricity from fjords and waterfalls. David Nigel, a Norwegian environmentalist, said: The profit of oil extraction is very high, but the investment and environmental protection pressure are also high, at least for now it seems that the gain outweighs the loss.


The opposite choice was made for the sake of green mountains and green waters, but hundreds of thousands of Norwegians agreed in the end. Some Norwegian elderly even proposed to reduce welfare to subsidize the environmental protection department. Their purpose is only one, that is, the future will become a green world , although it is difficult, someone has to take the lead in doing it.




What has Norway done to protect the environment?

1. Reuse old things

This is the frugal culture of Norway. It is mainly reflected in schools, for example, books and textbooks are reused, from older children to younger children.


2. Garbage sorting and recycling

Norway's recycling program is very effective. It starts at home, sorting into individual plastic cans, food scraps (compost), and general waste, each with a colored bag.


3. Reward recovery system

This is an incentive system for recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans. For example, when you buy a plastic bottle of juice or a can of soda, you pay a little extra on top of the regular price, which you can get back when you recycle.


5. Plogging

Picking up trash while exercising is a new, clever way to recycle trash. This idea started in Stockholm and has been passed on by countless runners in Norway.


6. Reduce plastic
At present, plastic bags have been replaced by paper bags. Fruit and vegetable packaging is also being cut, drastically reducing the amount of plastic used to package products such as strawberries and avocados.


7. Reduce food waste.
Norway’s sustainable mentality also permeates the food industry, and people are even willing to buy surplus food.


8. Electric aircraft.
Rolls-Royce and Siemens, in partnership with Norwegian airport owner company Avinor, hope that by 2040 all flights of up to 1.5 hours (including all domestic flights and flights to other Scandinavian capitals) will be 100% Electric operation. Not only will this reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there will also be a significant reduction in noise pollution in the sky.

9. Zero emission of tourism resources.
The Norwegian fjords are a popular tourist destination, and after 2026 the Norwegian government will only allow zero-emission electric ferries to the fjords of western Norway. This will make the Norwegian fjords the world's first emission-free marine area.



10. Energy-saving electric vehicles
According to the Norwegian Road Association (OFV), the share of electric vehicles in new car sales in Norway will increase from 65% in 2021 to 79.3% in 2022. With a population of 5.5 million, Norway has the highest market share of electric vehicles in the world. When driving an electric vehicle, drivers are usually most concerned about battery life and charging. When the Foxtheon iGo3600 is used to charge the electric vehicle, the power of the electric vehicle will be released even more. There is no doubt that people's life will become more convenient and environmentally friendly. If you need any help, you can send an email to info@foxtheon.com. Our staff will contact you in time.


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