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Why The Outdoor Camping Market In The United States Is So Hot

Why The Outdoor Camping Market In The United States Is So Hot

Why The Outdoor Camping Market In The United States Is So Hot


Outdoor camping is an outdoor lifestyle, recognized as one of the four major tourism projects

(leisure, camping, picnic, rafting) that have never decayed in the world, which is mainly for

tourism vacation, military needs and other purposes to temporarily build residential camps




According to the "2022 US Outdoor Camping Industry Market Status and Overseas Enterprise

Entry Feasibility Study Report" released by Xinsijie Industry Research Center, in terms of the

number of participants, in 2021, the number of outdoor camping participants in the United

States exceeded 66 million, of which more than 8.3 million people participated in camping

activities for the first time, accounting for about 12.6%. From the perspective of market

penetration, in the United States, the number of families that have participated in outdoor

camping activities exceeds 86 million, and the market penetration rate is close to 65%,mostly

based on exquisite camping, and gradually extends from the city to the sinking market.



In general, compared with other countries, the outdoor camping market in the United States

started earlier, developed rapidly, and has formed a relatively stable consumer market in

China. Let's talk about why the outdoor camping market in the United States is so hot.



The author believes that camping reflects the adventurous spirit of Americans, carries the

historical traditions and spiritual pursuit of the United States, and it can be said that camping

has become an important part of American culture. Camping as a way of life has become

integrated into everyday American life. National parks and state parks in the United States

often see specially designated camping areas. These campsites are generally well-equipped,

with clean water, public toilets, hot baths, independent dining carts, picnic tables and chairs,

barbecue grills and other facilities. Freedom-revering Americans like to go back to nature,

so wilderness camping based on RVs and campsites has become a long-standing way for

Americans to travel for many years. Places like the famous Yellowstone, Yosemite Park and

other places are popular camping destinations for Americans, and the activities are mostly

in the form of family RVs, friends and corporate team building...



The camp education industry in the United States is well developed. According to surveys,

more than 10 million children and adolescents in the United States participate in various camps

every year. The United States is the origin of camp education, the United States is also the most

developed camp education industry country, it is reported that the United States has more than

10,000 camps, edutainment camp activities and multidisciplinary education practice combination,

this kind of summer camp attracts many overseas students.



Camping is a legacy of American history. The pioneering and adventurous spirit of the Americans

is inherited, and the camping culture of the United States also has roots, both of which can be

traced back to the period of the great development of the west. In those days, the Americans

packed their homes into caravans and spread them like dandelions throughout the western

United States,forming a circle to defend against bandits when attacked. These caravans are

the prototype of modern RVs, and to a certain extent, they also represent the adventurous

spirit of migration and pioneering in the United States.



With the continuous development and progress of society, more and more people are keen

on outdoor sports. During the epidemic, the outdoor camping market in the United States

continuedto be hot, which in turn released the public's consumer demand for camping

supplies, which also provided opportunities for Chinese products to enter the US market.


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