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Revolution of on-site energy solution
Foxtheon HybridPack is a hybrid generator and storage device with power generation and storage functions. The battery system can store and discharge power. Combined with the energy management system and the intelligent cloud platform will provide customers with a safe and reliable solution..

Commercial & Industrial ESS

An energy revolution
Foxtheon Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are specialized energy storage systems designed to help businesses and industries reduce their electricity costs, which is the ideal solution for improving energy efficiency for companies and industries.

Portable energy storage solution

More energy, more scenery
Foxtheon portable energy storage solution is a convenient battery storage system that is reliable, cost-effective, and efficient for storing and accessing energy.

ABOUT foxtheon

Foxtheon Energy 

Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is a Hybrid Power Solution and Energy Storage system provider.

Noticing the need for energy resources, Foxtheon is committed to research and innovation in hybrid energy storage systems and battery storage system solutions to address this situation, offering different energy solutions which are the most cost-effective and intelligent for residential, commercial, and industrial use.


Foxtheon, a professional battery storage system and hybrid energy storage system provider with rich experience, offers cost-efficient and safe energy solutions. To help users better manage and monitor the system, Foxtheon provides an energy management system and cloud monitoring platform.

Energy  management system
Cloud  monitoring platform
Power system  integration expert


Enabling the homeowners, commercial and industrial users to share in the multiple benefits that Low-Carbon Energy can provide.


To be the extinguished enterprise in the field of smart energy technology and smart battery storage system


Customer First,
Pursuit of Excellence,
Achievement Partner

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