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What Is A Hybrid Generator?

What Is A Hybrid Generator?

What Is A Hybrid Generator?


As the construction and mining industries shift to renewable energy, the demand for cleaner alternatives is growing. Hybrid systems provide stable, reliable power to industries aware of the environmental impact of conventional generators. Hybrid generators offer innovative and versatile solutions to many challenges faced by the construction and mining industries. So what is a hybrid generator? Here's what you need to know:



Hybrid Generator

Hybrid generators are distributed power systems designed specifically for engineering, mining and oil production. The product is suitable for both power generation and energy storage, combining the generator, energy storage and discharge of the energy storage system with an energy management system and a smart cloud platform for monitoring to provide customers with safe and reliable one-stop solutions. A hybrid generator combines two energy sources to generate electricity through a battery charging system, which is usually integrated with a diesel generator. The generator uses renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power to charge the battery as the main power source. When the battery runs low, the diesel generator immediately kicks in to generate power. By minimizing the operating time of diesel generators, users can save fuel consumption and maintenance costs while reducing emissions. Since the diesel generator does not need to be running all the time, the battery charging system becomes a reliable and efficient primary power source.



How hybrid generators work

The hybrid generator consists of three important subsystems, namely the power generation system, the energy storage system, and the control system. It has both power generation and energy storage functions, that is, it generates power through generator sets and stores and discharges power through energy storage systems. It also combines a safe and reliable energy management system with an intelligent cloud platform for monitoring. When the hybrid generator is put into operation, it switches to different operating modes depending on power consumption.

Hybrid generators can be generated and charged using a range of renewable energy sources, such as

Solar energy



When the battery is low, the diesel generator immediately provides backup power until the battery is fully charged again. This also means that the charging frequency can be reduced if more renewable energy is used. As batteries become the main source of power, the need for diesel generators decreases. Depending on the size of the application, this could reduce carbon emissions by several tons for long-term projects.



Advantages of hybrid generators

Hybrid generators are an environmentally friendly alternative for power generation in construction and mining. Here are some of their advantages

Low fuel consumption: less operating time for diesel generators means less fuel consumption. When a diesel generator is only used as a backup power source to replace batteries, it does not need to be running all the time. Hybrid generators use less fuel, saving significantly on fuel costs. Reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Low emissions: The continuous operation of diesel generators is eliminated, and hybrid generators significantly reduce carbon emissions into the environment. Renewable energy improves air quality, noise emissions, and overall site safety through complementary and environmentally friendly energy sources. Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions by 40%.

Low outages: Combined with an intelligent energy management system, the failure rate can be reduced by 80%, maintenance frequency can be reduced by 50%, and the useful life of the equipment can be extended.

Low noise: Hybrid generators include an integrated inverter in the system, which means they are very quiet compared to diesel generators. When strict noise regulations apply in workplaces, hybrid generators offer a complete solution. The energy storage system is silent in stand-alone operation, and the noise of hybrid operation is less than 75 dB(A) at 1 m distance.



 Hybrid drives can provide solutions for the following industries:





With significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs, hybrid generators can not only reduce emissions, but also improve overall noise and air pollution levels at the site.





Are hybrid generators right for you?

Hybrid generators offer innovative solutions to many challenges that companies face, especially in the construction and mining industries. Hybrid generators are an excellent choice for:

Low noise operation

The need for a sustainable energy supply

the desire to reduce overall carbon footprint

Desire to reduce overall fuel consumption

desire to improve on-site safety



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