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Continuous Power For Your Home - Foxtheon iHome

Continuous Power For Your Home - Foxtheon iHome

Continuous Power For Your Home - Foxtheon iHome


Home energy storage system, also known as battery energy storage system, its core is a rechargeable energy storage system, usually based on lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, controlled by a computer, charging and discharging under the coordination of other intelligent hardware and software cycle. Home energy storage systems can usually be combined with distributed photovoltaic power generation to form a home solar storage system.





Install Foxtheon iHome at home, so that you are not afraid of power outages. Take care of every moment and provide you with continuous power.


·Emergency Power Supply

Even if the solar panels haven't been installed on your home iHome can be utilized for backup power during power outages. When the unexpected happens, iHome extends the run time of critical equipment.


·Store Excess Power

iHome offers other possibilities. When the sun is shining your solar panels produce more electricity than needed. iHome stores excess electricity for instant access when you need it.


·Unique Modular Design

The Foxtheon iHome's unique modular design is integrated with inverter and battery modules. This enables easier handling, installation, and operation.


·Multifunctional design

The flexible design enables installation with new or existing solar panel systems and integration with any existing generator.


Foxtheon iHome system running


Mornings and evenings are the peak periods for electricity consumption. The iHome energy storage system cleverly borrows solar energy and operates 24 hours a day to minimize waste and pollution.



   · Use the energy stored in the battery

   Morning: lower light intensity, low energy production, high energy demand.

   At sunrise, the solar panels start to generate energy, but not enough to meet the energy needs of the morning. The iHome       

   energy storage system transfers the power stored in the battery for use by electrical appliances.








·Use electricity generated by photovoltaic panels

 Noon: Highest light intensity, highest energy production from solar panels, and low energy demand.

 The energy generated by the solar panels is at its peak during the day. But since no one is home, energy consumption is very 

  low, so most of the energy generated is stored in the iHome battery.








· Solar power generation

  Evening: low light intensity, low energy production, high energy demand.

  The highest daily energy consumption is at night. The solar panels generate little or no energy, and the iHome energy storage

                                    system will call on the energy generated during the day to meet energy needs.







With rising energy costs and environmental threats affecting our daily life, it may seem like there's no relief in sight. But meanwhile, in each single hour, the sun generates energy to power the lives of every human on earth for an entire year. Imagine if all the solar energy could be used to generate electricity.What we need is a new solution, which helps you save energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint and keep safe. Introducing Foxtheon's iHome Series battery storage system brings batteries, inverter, and software together in one complete package.Leverage solar power or valley electricity price to help reduce your electricity bills and provide backup power during utility outages.No matter where you are, if you need help, just email info@foxtheon.com. We will contact you in a timely manner.


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