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How Dependent Are Humans On Electricity

How Dependent Are Humans On Electricity

How Dependent Are Humans On Electricity


Electricity brings power, warmth, light, and happiness to people, and it makes human nights

like day, not boring. Electricity brings human beings the energy to efficiently create production

and life, greatly develops productive forces, and promotes social progress.



There is no doubt that electricity is already one of the indispensable components of human life,

and the current society is inseparable from electricity.

Imagine where we would be when the power outage came? Mobile phones don't work, TVs,

microwave ovens, computers turn into electronic waste. Elevators stop running, people living on

high floors have difficulty traveling, air conditioners can't work, traffic lights fail to cause serious

traffic jams, hospitals are completely shut down, enterprises can't produce... For the ancients,

these were not problems, but for us modern people, survival will face a great test. All waterworks

will cease to operate, and city dwellers will have no access to tap water, so they will have to go out

to grab canned water, which can be used up for drinking water, and the results can be imagined.



Thanks to the strength of the Chinese mainland power grid, there have been almost no large-scale

power outages in Chinese mainland. However, this may not be the case in other regions, such as

the"8.15" power outage in Taiwan in 2017; massive blackouts in Ukraine in 2015; The 1977 New York

blackout and so on.

Everyone has experienced a power outage, and a short power outage may be a relaxation for

the self. But after a long power outage, people will start to be anxious. In today's society, once

people leave electricity, it is like a fish leaving water.



What would happen to humanity if the Earth went out without power for a year?

The first day of the power outage. You want to drink a cup of hot milk in the morning, but because

the power outage causes the microwave to not work, you have no choice but to go out to eat. Just

walked to the elevator and suddenly realized that the elevator could not work either, so you decided

to walk downstairs. Finally went to the garage to start the car, but found that there was a traffic jam

on the road, because the signal lights could not work due to the power outage, causing many traffic

accidents. At this time, you may want to take out your mobile phone and complain to your friends

about the traffic situation, but find that there is little battery left on the mobile phone, and there is

no signal on the mobile phone. In desperation, you go to a café on the side of the road to rest for

a while, but the waiter comes to tell you that the store cannot be opened due to a power outage.

You'll feel like it's the same with all restaurants, and you choose to go home. When you get home,

you find that the water heater and toilet have lost their function, and the TV, WiFi, and air

conditioning have also gone on strike, and you can only choose to sleep if you can't do anything.



Power outage for half a month. All the industries ceased to exist, people realized the seriousness

of the problem and began to stock up on food, at which time large and small supermarkets would

be emptied, and of course some people would use engines to generate electricity, but the engines

could not be used as long-term electricity.

Power outage for a month. The global economy begins to decline, and business, banking, trade,

national and personal debt disappear. Without public services, garbage dumps littered the streets,

rats crawled out of the sewers and began to take over the city, looting, famine, and disease spread.

Power outage for three months. Ten urban people who did not touch the spring water began to

move to the countryside or live in the wilderness to learn to do farm work.



Power outage for half a year. You have begun to adapt to life in the countryside, relying on

agriculture for a living, bartering raw goods without money, and currency has become silver and

gold, and human civilization has clearly regressed. You may think that the impact of power

outages on rural areas is not great, but it will be unimaginable for countries that have no food

source and land to grow, and can only rely on foreign resources to import, such as South Korea

and Japan.

Power outage for a year. For a city, the impact is absolutely devastating. At that time, the streets

would be empty, there would be fewer and fewer people in the city, and the relevant departments

had long disappeared. In order to survive, those who remained began to dig wells, farm in parks

or suburbs, and sell abandoned facilities... The psychological fear caused by not knowing when to

call can make people more frenzied.



Human life is inseparable from electricity, we can try to make electricity more convenient for us,

such as the popular iGo outdoor mobile power supply, portable solar panels, iHome home energy

storage products, etc., will further improve the quality of life.



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