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More Than Just Camping! Outdoor Mobile Power Also Has These Uses

More Than Just Camping! Outdoor Mobile Power Also Has These Uses

More Than Just Camping! Outdoor Mobile Power Also Has These Uses



As we all know, outdoor power sources are commonly used for camping and RV travel, and sometimes they are used for outdoor work, outdoor fishing, recharging streetcars with new energy, and so on.But in addition to these uses, outdoor power sources also have some uses that you may not expect.




1. Take a hot bath in the wilderness


Remember to take the iGo3600 with you when you go camping with your family or friends. It can become your reliable support and help you solve the "battery shortage outdoors" problem. Not only can you use it to listen to music, watch movies, barbecue, and even take a hot bath in the wilderness, but all this can become a reality.




2. Become a disaster lifeguard


When natural disasters strike, hospitals, nursing homes and communities in some cities may lose power as a result. Many critically ill patients, infants, pregnant women, and the elderly will be affected by this. In relatively remote areas where the original living conditions are already relatively backward, if they face natural disasters, the impact can be imagined.


Foxtheon hopes to be able to fulfill its responsibility to the society. It is planned to provide some iGo products free of charge for emergency support to meet the emergency needs of medical equipment, campus emergency, disaster relief lighting and other power supplies.




3. "The Generator of Life"


There are actual cases, some children suffer from frostbite, they need a ventilator for a long time to maintain life and work. Occasional power outages at home and outages due to aging ventilator failures often make the family in a hurry. At this time, if there is an iGo3600, it can be used as an emergency backup power supply for children, which makes people feel more at ease.




4. Help the crew to catch up with work


Due to the limited shooting period of the film, many film crews have to rush to work through the night. A headache for many directors is that when shooting in outdoor locations, they often face insufficient power supply. At this time, if there is an outdoor mobile power supply with large capacity, stable power supply, and flexible movement, it will definitely become the first choice of many directors, which will greatly improve the shooting quality. Choosing Foxtheon iGo3600 not only allows the director’s monitor, photography light and photography equipment to last longer, but also can be moved flexibly to meet the power supply requirements when switching scenes.




5. Outdoor photographers' first choice


Outdoor mobile power can also provide outdoor photographers with a better creative environment. For many photographers, traditional diesel generators are noisy, polluting, and not the best option for powering equipment. With the support of Foxtheon iGo and Foxtheon solar panels, the filming team can shoot more stably and continuously in inaccessible protected areas, without worrying about noise scaring away animals or fuel pollution.




6. "Oasis in the Desert"


Not all workers are able to sit in a comfortable office and there are many frontline environmentalists who work in the most inaccessible and extreme environments. A hot meal and an electric blanket to keep warm are their simplest and most urgent needs. The iGo3600 can provide electricity for workers' daily cooking, lighting and heating in the desert where the wind and sand are raging.


In the future, Foxtheon will continue to support the life and work of friends from all walks of life. If you need it, please send an email to info@foxtheon.com, the Foxtheon team is here to help.


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